Friday, November 11, 2016

2017 Introductions

2017 Introductions

Shipping on the new 2017 introductions will begin after April 15, 2017.  Shipping is $10 for the first 3 plants and then $2 per additional plant.  There will be no bonus plants with new introductions.  Paypal, checks and money orders are accepted as payment.  Please email me at to ensure that plants are available since most are limited and many will sell out quickly.  All plants are listed as SF except Multi-ring Pileup (2 choices),  Look at That! and Splendid Sarah but I will try to ship double fans when I can. 

William Marchant
4842 Jennifer Lane
Douglasville, GA  30135

Multi-Ring Pileup (Marchant 2017)

Dip, Dor, RE, 28-30 inch scapes, 4 way branching, 20 buds, 8 inch flower, UF

(Live Long and Prosper) x (Leprechaun's Curls x Kaleidoscopic Intrigue)

This beauty was named by Brenda Shoberg from Minnesota.  Brenda expressed her delight in the beauty of this patterned superstar.  It came through her Minnesota winter with little to no snow cover and demonstrated more branching and buds than it does here in north Georgia.  This one is the first introduction from the magnificent Live Long and Prosper.  It is a huge cream pink flower with a startling green throat that harkens back to Rose F Kennedy.  The patterning can vary from outstanding to amazing.  I have seen as many as 12 rings of color.  This one is VERY limited due to the long waiting list.  It doesn't make huge plants but the foliage is in perfect proportion to the scape.  I have not attempted to set pods on it but have bloomed some awesome kids that will be future introductions.  LIMITED!!  $150 SF or $200 DF (SOLD OUT)

Falling Waters (Marchant 2017)

Dip, DOR, RE, 28 inch scape, 4 way branching, 20 buds, 7 inch flower, UF

(Starman's Quest x Rose F Kennedy)

This is the second of four intros from the 200+ seedlings that I bloomed from this cross.  This is the greenest of the lot.  It is a beautiful purple flower with a blue-purple eye above a HUGE green throat that covers most of the petal surface.  It has been a phenomenal parent.  It is fertile both ways.  This one is very limited and SOLD OUT except for the couple that I have held back for full collection orders.  If you want to get this one and aren't on the waiting list, I will be glad to add your name for it when it becomes available.  $150 SF  (SOLD OUT)

Dancing in the Fountain (Marchant 2017)

Dip, DOR, RE, 29 inch scape, 4 way branching, 20 buds, 8 inch flower, UF

(Starman's Quest x Rose F Kennedy)

Beautiful purple with a gray-blue eye zone above a huge green throat.  Another that is in the background of many of my future patterns.  Easily fertile both ways.  This is the largest of the siblings from this cross.  Limited!!  Sold Out

Galactic Starburst (Marchant 2017)

Dip, DOR, RE, 29 inch scape, 4 way branching, 20 buds, 7 inch flower, UF

(Starman's Quest x Rose F Kennedy)

This is the final introduction from this very prolific cross of about 200 seedlings.  This one was also my father's favorite.  It is a gray purple with a dark purple eye zone with a green throat that creates a starburst on the eye zone.  It has midribs that bisect the eye zone on the petals but don't extend beyond the eye.  It is easily fertile both ways and in the background of future introductions.  $100 SF  SOLD OUT!

Academy Fire (Marchant 2017)

Dip, DOR, RE, 28 inch scape, 4 way branching, 20 buds, 7 inch flower

(Sdlg x White Magician) x Going Home to Georgia

Wow!!  What a standout in the garden.  This one has been on several wish lists since I first posted photos of it on back in 2012.  I finally have enough to release.  It is a gorgeous bright orange with a red eye zone bisected with a midrib.  It has a wonderful green throat.  It has been difficult to capture the true beauty with a camera.  You won't be able to walk by this one without it catching your attention.  Easily fertile both ways.  $75 SF  

Min Alskade Far (Marchant 2017)

Dip, DOR, RE, 27 inch scape, 5 way branching, 24 buds, 6.5 inch flower

(Starman's Quest x White Magician) x Chaotic Design

This flower was chosen by one of my friends, Terry Salasin, to honor her father, a distinguished veteran.  The names means "My Dear Father" in Swedish.  It is a pale icy lavender flower with a faint blue-gray eye.  It has a small silver edge that outlines both the petals and sepals.  The center is set off with a bright green throat.  It is fertile both ways.  I didn't begin using it until this year when it hit me that there are patterned genetics locked up in the flower.  Imagine putting a beautiful pattern on this cool flower!!  I am anxious to see the kids in the coming years.  $75 SF

Look At That! (Marchant 2017)

Tet, Sev, RE, 29 inch scape, 3-4 way branching, 15 buds, 5 inch flower

(Get Jiggy x Waterdrops)

This flower has been quite a mystery to me.  The first two photos show the flower on the first scapes and the second two photos show the flower on rebloom.  I love it either way and it gives you two looks for the garden.  A cream pink with a purple eye and edge.  The eye zone is extremely patterned on the first scapes and is broken with large white bands.  It is fertile both ways.  I will see the first kids in the upcoming season.  Sold Out

Double Peach Cobbler (Marchant 2017)

Tet, Sev, RE, 35 inch scape, 3 way branching, 15 buds, 6 inch flower

(Viva Glam Girl x Double Explosion)

This is a full sibling to Iridescent Splendor which has been soldout since its introduction in 2015.  This one is a bit smaller but just a beautiful.  It has a variable form as can be seen in the photos.  A pink flower with a rose eye zone.  Petals usually recurve and the sepals stick straight out.  Should be a grand parent for tet UF doubles.  I have never been able to set pods but the pollen is great.  100% double.  Very Limited  $100 SF  SOLD OUT!!

Southern Sunrise (Marchant 2017)

Tet, Sev, RE, 32 inch scape, 4-5 way branching, 25 buds, 6 inch flower

(Susan Pritchard Petit x Dagny Hooks)

Oh la la!!  At look at that scape!!!  A cream pink/yellow blend with a small gold edge.  This one shows both peony and hose in hose flowers depending on the day.  It is easily fertile both ways and has been a fantastic parent.  This is the kind of scape that I want to see on all tet doubles.  It is 100% double.  $100 SF  SOLDOUT!!

Stir It Up (Marchant 2017)

Tet, Sev, Re, 32 inch scape, 3 way branching, 15 buds, 6 inch flower, UF

(Viva Glam Girl x Barry Goldwater)

I think that this is an improvement on my Viva Glam Girl.  I am trying to really get the UF tets bigger and twistier.  I have lots of futures coming that have those features.  A peach bloom with a rose and pink patterned eye.  The edges are serrated and should bred well with toothies.  The segments are pinched and crispate.  It looks much larger than it really is.  Very heavy substance and stay gorgeous all day.  100% double.  Fertile both ways but pollen is easier.  Limited!!  (Sold Out)

Splendid Sarah (Marchant)

Tet, DOR, RE, 30 inch scape, 3 way branching, 15 buds, 6 inch flower

(Sara Marchant x Ruckus)

You like teeth?  Here are teeth!!  This gorgeous cream yellow has huge, jagged teeth on the petals and sepals.  It also has a dark green throat and the petal edges are darker.  I have not bred with this one since I have stopped working with toothy single daylilies.  With Sara Marchant genetics, this one should go with all colors in breeding.  This one is named to honor my first principal, Sarah Lunsford.    $75 DF

Stimulation (Marchant 2017)

Tet, DOR, Re, 24 inch scape, 5 way branching, 25 buds, 5 inch bloom

(Dancing Elf x Ruckus)

I bloomed about 200 seedlings from a cross of Jamie Gossard's "Dragonfly" series crossed to Ruckus.  I was going for tall and well branched scapes with toothy flowers.  Out of the 200 kids, I got lots of tall and branched but only one seedling with teeth.  It was the shortest at only 24 inches.  But it was covered with tentacles and long shards and teeth.  This is it.  I think that it is super cute.  It has short arching foliage just perfect for the scapes and flower size.  It is a lemon yellow that sometimes has a bronze blush on the petals.  And the edge is just covered it the "stuff".  It is extremely pod fertile just like its mother.  Makes LOTS of pods.  $50 SF