Monday, December 3, 2018

2019 Introductions

2019 Introductions

Welcome to Druid City Daylily Garden.  This year, I have 14 new introductions that I feel will do very well all across the United States.   All introductions are very limited.  Please email me at to ensure that the plants you would like are available.  

Most of the 2019 introductions are listed as single fan divisions but I do tend to get good increase over the winter months. If plants increase, all increase will be sent along.  There will be NO bonus with new introductions.   Shipping is $10 for the first plant and $2 per plant after that.  Payment is due when you order.  I accept check, money order, and paypal payments.  Paypal payments should be sent to  Shipping will begin after April 15th.

My mailing address is:

William Marchant
4842 Jennifer Lane
Douglasville, GA  30135

Checks should be made out to William Marchant.

I am very proud of my new introductions.  I have worked very diligently to produce plants with good hardiness, rust resistance, and great plant habit.  I have also been very selective to ensure that my plants are not just "look alikes" of other plants already on the market.  I also love to work with dormant plants.  It is my goal to have the majority of my introductions to exhibit dormancy. 

Pitching Woo (Marchant 2019) Tetraploid 28 inch scape, 6 inch flower, average of 4 way branching (usually 5 branches), average of 22 buds, DOR, RE
I knew this one would be an introduction the first time it bloomed. It has beautiful branching, plenty of buds, and is one of a kind. It is also a nice hard dormant. Depending on the temperature, it can look like the first photo or the second two photos. This is a trait that it inherited from both parents since they also change intensity based on the temps. I have not yet bloomed any kids out of Pitching Woo but look forward to seeing many bloom in the spring. This was seedling 15-37 for those who have gotten seeds from me.
Disturbance in the Force x Drop It Like It's Hot
I only have 1 division left to sell for spring. $200 per SF

Maui Honeymoon (Marchant 2019) Tetraploid 30 inch scapes, 6 inch bloom, average of 3 way branching, average of 18 buds, SEV, M, RE
(Kiss My Grits x Viva Pinata) x Fifth Order
I have bloomed a few seedlings from Maui Honeymoon and it does pass along patterning. I love the fact that this one has a pinch downward toward the end of each sepal. This is done consistently and on each sepal. Might be a good one to counteract the effects of canoeing.
I only have 10 divisions to sell. $100 per SF

Whoomp! There It Is (Marchant 2019) Tetraploid, 22 inch scape, 6 inch flower, 3 way branching, 15 buds, DOR, M, RE
This is the first toothy dormant edge no eye introduction of which I am aware. It has drawn a great deal of interest as a seedling. I have not used it in breeding since I stopped working with teeth some years ago.
Heavenly Yellow Lion x Pastor Z
I only have 7 divisions to release for the spring. $100 per SF division.

Light By Yonder Window (Marchant 2019) Tetraploid, 26 inch scape, 6 inch flower, 3 way branching, 15 buds, DOR, M, RE
Another yellow!! Yes it is but I think it has distinction. It is out of red and purple breeding and it was a surprise in the seedling beds back in 2011. It has substance like plastic and takes 2 days to open, but even with the extended opening time, it is always flawless. It has a wonder green overcast coming from the intensely green throat. It also has a white edge which usually includes teeth. I have not used it in breeding as I stopped working on teeth years ago.
(All Of My Love To You x Venus Flytrap) x (Ruckus x Heman)
I only have 8 divisions to release for the spring. $100 per DF division.

Druid CIty Crowned Princess (Marchant 2019) Tetraploid, 31" scape, 6 inch flower, average of 3 way branching, average of 15 buds, SeV, M, RE
Boy does this one show off in a clump. It was one of three siblings that I kept from a cross of a Mary Gaskin seedling crossed with the dormant Ruby Storm. The other two were dormants but this one was the best performer. It has taken ice storms, single digit temps, and extreme temperature swings without skipping a beat. I know that there are lots of eyed and edged daylilies out there, but this one is an eye catcher. This one is an easy pod setter.
I only have around 10 divisions available. $100 per SF.

Druid City Crimson Tutu (Marchant 2019) Tetraploid, 28 inch scape, 3-4 way branching, 6 inch flower, 18 bud count SeV, RE
This is a full sibling to last year's Roar With Pride which sold out quickly. It is a beautiful saturated red with a wide pink edge and small watermark. Inside the watermark is a yellow-green heart. The outside edge of the petals carry small teeth.
Druid City Watermelon Woman x Precious Stones
I have around divisions 8 to release for the spring. If you don't get this one fast, you might not get one for a few years. $ 125 per SF division.

Druid City Marbled Cherry (Marchant 2019) Tetraploid, 29 inch scape, 3 way branching, 15-18 buds, SeV, M, RE
This ball of cherry exquisiteness will take your breath away. The form can be so round and full that it resembles a brightly colored softball. I have never seen it bloom single. I would think that it would be an advantage in a tetraploid breeding program.
King's Point x Viva Glam Girl
I only have 10 divisions available. $100 per SF division.

False Eyelashes (Marchant 2019) Diploid 34 inch scape, 6 inch bloom, average of 3 way branching, average of 15 buds, DOR, M, RE
Another that I knew was an introduction at maiden bloom. I have been so happy with the performance of this unique baby over the years. It has that wonderful dark eye that streaks out toward the petal edges, will sometimes display a pattern on the petals or sepals, is covered with dots of the same dark color as the eye that look like paint splatter (and it's consistent)!! Blooms from late April through the end of September here. While it doesn't have the branching and budcount that I would love to have, it is in constant bloom. And it's so unique, that I couldn't not register it. It has produced some nice kids.
Live Long and Prosper x (Leprechaun's Curls x Kaleidoscopic Intrigue) where the pollen parent was seedling 12-11.
I only have a very limited amount of this introduction and I believe it will sell out quickly (like Purple Leopard). $200 per SF.

Dreaming of Merlot (Marchant 2019) Diploid, 33 inch scapes, 6 inch blooms, 4 way branching, 20 buds, DOR, M, RE
I love purple and this is one spectacular purple. Just heavily saturated and then look at that wonderful chalking purple watermark that surrounds the deep green throat. This one is an easy pod parent.  As with all the introductions this year, it is limited.       $100 per DF.
(Starman's Quest x Rose F Kennedy) x (Starman's Quest x Timestopper)

I have 12 divisions for spring delivery. $100 per DF division.

Queen of the Damned (Marchant 2019) Diploid 34 inch scape, 6 inch bloom (8 inch wingspan), average of 4 way branching, average of 20 buds, DOR, M, RE
When this one bloomed, I was amazed that I got such a dark eye from patterned breeding. This baby has a fantastic patterned parent on each side. I would expect it to breed lots of patterned babies. It is easily pod fertile but I really didn't use it until this year.
(Leprechaun's Curls x Kaleidoscopic Intrigue) x Live Long and Prosper where the pod parent was seedling 12-11.
As with all of my introductions this year, it is limited. $100 per DF division.

You Gotta Be My Baby (Marchant 2019) Diploid, 28 inch scape, 7 inch bloom but a 9 inch wingspan, 3-4 way branching, 20 buds, DOR, M, RE
This is a full sibling to Harvest Delight. I just love all the motion that this one adds to the garden. You just can't walk by this one and not stop to gaze. I did make seeds with it in 2017 but haven't seen any of the offspring bloom yet.
Wind Beneath My Sails x sibling to Unconditional Acceptance
I only 10 divisions to release for the spring. $100 per SF.

From Here To The Moon And Back (Marchant 2019) Diploid 34 inch scapes, 7 inch bloom as it stands naturally but 10 inch wingspan, 3 way branching, 15 buds, M, DOR, RE
Who knew that I'd get this amazing daylily by crossing Lucky Streak with Rose F Kennedy. It never fails to amaze. Just look at the amount of green that you get. It is even greener in person but the camera just can't capture all of the nuances of this huge flower.

Lucky Streak x Rose F Kennedy

This beauty is now SOLD OUT.

Hill Billy Homecoming (Marchant 2019) Diploid, 27 inch scape, 6 inch bloom, average of 3 way branching, average of 15 buds, DOR, M, RE
This one has been a joy since its maiden bloom. I have used it in breeding and it easily passes on patterning. I wish it had 6 way branching, but it does not here. It might have more branching up north like its full sibling Multi-ring Pileup. This one is also a continuous bloomer putting up scape after scape.
Live Long and Prosper x (Leprechaun's Curls x Kaleidoscopic Intrigue) 12-11 was the pollen parent
Again, this one is very limited as are all of my introductions this year. $125 per SF

Sweet Summer Loving (Marchant 2019) Diploid, 31 inch scapes, 8 inch flower but wingspan is much larger, 3 way branching, 15-18 buds, DOR, EM, RE
This was one of my first successes in the quest to produce dormant UF diploid doubles. I have continued to make progress and Sweet Summer Loving is in the background of a predominantly green double seedling which will be introduced in a year or two. You definitely can't miss a clump of this beauty in full bloom.
(La Ceiban Sunset x Peggy Jeffcoat) x Heavenly Spider Monkey
I have a limited supply and everyone should have one of these in their garden. I am going to price this one a little lower than most of the others. $75 per SF division (I will send DFs whenever possible).