Saturday, September 21, 2013


Druid City Daylily Garden
Daylily Garden of William Marchant
4842 Jennifer Lane
Douglasville, GA  30135
Check, Money Order, or Paypal accepted.  Shipping on 2014 Introductions begins in late April 2014.  $8 for first daylily and $2 per additional cultivar.  Collection price is $500 with free shipping.
New Introductions for 2014


BLUE GOBLIN is a cross of EDGE OF MADNESS x LINDA SIERRA.  It has been an exciting daylily since its maiden bloom.  An incomparable parent that makes an impression on everyone that sees it.  There have been many people on the waiting list for this cutting edge beauty.  If you love teeth, then the blue teeth on this dormant bloom will make you very happy.  I have quite a few future introductions out of BLUE GOBLIN and many more seedlings growing in the seedling beds.  I used it again this year heavily as both a pod and pollen parent.  32" scape, DOR, RE, M, 6" bloom, 3-4 way branching with 17-25 buds.  I have only a few SF divisions of this blue baby left.  $125 per SF.

 (Sold Out)

DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE is a cross of (LOUNGE LIZARD x GOD SAVE THE QUEEN) x tetra INDIAN GIVER.  If you want something different for your garden, then DITF is for you.  Makes a clump quickly due to its vigorous nature.  This beautiful purple with lighter eye and edge is easily pod and pollen fertile.  33" scape, DOR, RE, M, 6" flower, 3-4 way branching and 20+ buds.  Will not be missed in your garden.  $75 per DF.


LAS NUBES means "the clouds" in Spanish.  Pronounced (las new bess).  Named for the clouds that always engulf the peaks of the mountains, PICO BONITO, that overshadow the beautiful Honduran city of La Ceiba on the coast of the Caribbean.  My son lives in La Ceiba and I always love to sit and admire the mountains as I relax at a seaside dive sipping on a cold cerveza.  It is a cross of SILVER RINGS x SUBTLE KNIFE.  SILVER RINGS was extremely tender here in the N. Georgia area and never thrived.  Crossing it with SUBTLE KNIFE gave me a daylily that has beautiful large foliage that has done well even in the coldest winter in recorded history (in our area) with weeks of below freezing temps.  It is a saturated purple with a darker eye and a beautiful bubbly white silver edge with sharks teeth on the peals and sepals.  It is fertile both ways but pods are more difficult.  27" scape, EV, RE, M, 5.5-6" bloom, 3 way branching, 18 buds.  $50 per DF.


MEMNOCH'S BRIDE is a full sibling to my 2013 introduction MEMNOCH'S LAIR.  It is a cross of LEDGEWOOD'S FIRECRACKER x tetra TRAHLYTA.  Now how did I get two beautiful purples from the yellow with red eye and edge LEDGEWOOD'S FIRECRACKEK?  I have no idea but I am happy with what mother nature did for this cross.  This one is named for a character in one of my favorite author's, Anne Rice, books.  If you like the spots and streaks on your daylilies, then this one is absolutely amazing.  A hard dormant.  31" scape, DOR, RE, ML, 3-4 way branching, 18-24 buds, 6" flower.  Is fertile both ways.  $75 per DF. 


ZERO DARK THIRTY is a cross of STARMAN'S QUEST x APOPHIS.  From around 50 or so seedlings from this cross, I selected the one that I like best.  This is a daylily that I call a 2fer.  It begins the day as a grey lavender with a black eye and around noon become a beautiful purple with a black eye.  If you like dark daylilies, then you will love ZERO DARK THIRTY.  It puts on a show for the entire summer.  STARMAN'S QUEST has been an incomparable parent for me.  Add the amazing APOPHIS from Brian Mahieu and there had to be a homerun.  Brian has given his approval for this kid of his APOPHIS.  DIP, DOR, 33" scape, RE, M, 8.5" bloom, 3-4 way branching, and 26+ buds.  It is fertile both ways.  $50 per DF.


SPRING LIGHTNING is a cross of PRAGUE SPRING x LIGHTNING FORCE.  A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to use John Lambert's extraordinary cultivars in my hybridizing.  PRAGUE SPRING was one that I especially liked.  This beautiful cream yellow has a nice green overlay.  When it is blooming in a clump, it will stop you in your tracks.  A clump will have several blooms open each day making for a grand display.  DIP, DOR, 24" scape, 6" bloom (wingspan is larger but it recurves and twists), 3-4 way branching, M, 15-18 buds.

  $50 per TF.   (SOLD OUT)

Please check on availability before placing order by emailing me at  I accept payment via check, money order, or paypal to my email address. 

Keep checking back for future introductions including some amazing toothy and patterned daylilies. 


  1. WOW! A fantastic group of introductions. Will you post your previous intros as well?

  2. Dan, I got them posted back through 2012.