Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2018 Introductions

2018 Introductions

Welcome to Druid City Daylily Garden.  This year, I have 5 new introductions that I feel will do very well all across the United States.  Purple Leopard, eagerly awaited for a number of years, is already sold out until at least 2019.  All other introductions are also very limited.  Please email me at to ensure that the plants you would like are available.  I will be updating my earlier introductions to indicate availability and prices over the next few weeks.  

All 2018 introductions, except Viva Va Voom, are listed as single fan divisions but I do tend to get good increase over the winter months. If plants increase, all increase will be sent along.  There will be NO bonus with new introductions.   Shipping is $10 for the first three plants and $2 per plant after that.  Payment is due when you order.  I accept check, money order, and paypal payments.  Paypal payments should be sent to  Shipping will begin after April 15th.

My mailing address is:

William Marchant
4842 Jennifer Lane
Douglasville, GA  30135

Checks should be made out to William Marchant.

I am very proud of my new introductions.  I have worked very diligently to produce plants with good hardiness, rust resistance, and great plant habit.  I have also been very selective to ensure that my plants are not just "look alikes" of other plants already on the market.  I also love to work with dormant plants.  It is my goal to have the majority of my introductions to exhibit dormancy. 

Purple Leopard (Marchant 2018)  

Purple Leopard has caused quite a stir since I first shared photos of it on the internet and in my program.  It is the result of a self cross of When Angels Cry.  I am not sure what led me to just self the brown and green When Angels Cry, but I am so glad that I did.  The result gave me a unique flower that had none of the flaws of its parent.  It has a nice tall scape with beautiful branching.  It also is consistently spotted and splotched.  I have not yet seen any kids from Purple Leopard but am looking forward to seeing many bloom next spring.  It is fertile both ways.

(When Angels Cry x When Angels Cry):  Dip, 27" scape, 6" bloom, 3-5 way branching (average of 4), 15-20 buds, DOR, RE, M

SOLD OUT until 2023 or 2024

Georgia Passion (Marchant 2018)

When I made the cross that resulted in Georgia Passion, I had a vision of what I wanted from the cross.  The only seedling that met the mark had the best plant habit among the sibs.  That seedling has gone on to provide me with a great deal of enjoyment over the years since selection.  I love bitones and this one doesn't fail to delivery.  I love the beautiful pink petals which display darker pink veining.  The lighter cream to cream pink sepals are shown beautifully.  to top off all of this, there is a darker pink halo on the petals.  It is fertile both ways.  

(Heavenly White Swan x Net Work):  Dip, 38" scape, 6" bloom, 4 way branching, 20 buds, DOR, RE, M       

 Sold Out

Harvest Delight (Marchant 2018)

I love unusual forms and Harvest Delight has been very delightful here in the garden.  While it does make smaller plants, it puts on a show all summer.  It sent up 3 sets of scapes here this summer.  It just twists and turns and catches attention.  It has intrigues me since its maiden bloom.  The pollen parent is a full sibling to my Unconditional Acceptance.  It is a crispate-cascade.  Harvest Delight is fertile both ways.  

((Wind Beneath My Sails x (sdlg x White Magician)):  Dip, 27" scape, 3 way branching, 7" bloom due to the twisting and 15-18 buds, DOR, RE, M

  Sold Out

Viva Va Voom (Marchant )

If you have followed my work, you know that Viva Glam Girl has really made an impact on my tetraploid double program.  Now, Viva Va Voom is also making quite the impact.  There will be some amazing future introductions coming in a few years.  It throws kids that have some beautiful color as well as amazing plant habit.  I love Viva Va Voom.  It makes a wonderful statement in the garden.  It is impossible to walk past this daylily and not stop to admire.  If you need to make a difference in your double breeding program, you need to get Viva Va Voom.  It is 95% double and fertile both ways.  A must have!!

((sdlg x Double Explosion) x Viva Glam Girl)):  Tet, Dbl, 31" scape, 6" bloom, 3 way branching, 15 buds, Sev, RE, M 

Sold Out

Roar With Pride (Marchant 2018)

Wow!!  I have been in love with this one since its maiden bloom.  This is the first introduction from Druid City Watermelon Woman but not the last.  Pat Sayers' Passion's Promise is in the background of Roar With Pride and that brings with it a level of hardiness.  In fact, next year, I will introduce a full sibling to Roar With Pride which is a hard dormant.  The saturated red of the bloom is set off by the white edging on all segments and by the lighter halo that then plunges to a grass green throat. The petal edges are surrounded by beautiful ruffles.  Roar With Pride could easily be a $200 daylily, but I want people to be able to afford to grow it.  As with all of my 2018 intros, Roar With Pride is very limited.  Fertile both ways but the pollen is easier.

(Druid City Watermelon Woman x Precious Stones):  Tet, 3-4 way branching, 6" flower, 15-20 buds, Sev, RE, M

Sold Out


  1. wah, the last flower looks awesome, can I grow it in drought area?

  2. How much is this day lily? Id like to order for 2019

  3. Please put me on the list for Purple Leopard for 2019. I will send payment as soon as you respond.
    Thank you! Gayle Story