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2022 Introductions from Druid City Daylily Garden

Druid City Daylily Garden 

2022 Introductions

This year, I have 5 new introductions that I feel will do very well all across the United States. This year's collection contains 4 diploids and 1 tetraploid. All of the introductions are from patterned breeding and all introductions are very limited. Please send me a text to 404-626-2869 or send a message on Facebook Messenger to ensure that the plants you would like are available.  You may email me also at but I sometimes go for a period of time without checking my personal email.  

All of the 2022 introductions are listed as single fan divisions but I try to be very generous with what I send when I can. There will be NO bonus with new introductions. Shipping is $15 for the first three plants and $2 per plant after that. I ship priority mail through the USPS. Payment is due when you order. I accept check, money order, and paypal payments. Paypal payments should be sent to Shipping will begin after April 1st.

My mailing address is:

William Marchant
4842 Jennifer Lane
Douglasville, GA 30135

Checks should be made out to William Marchant.

I have worked very diligently to produce plants with good hardiness, rust resistance, and great plant habit. I have also been very selective to ensure that my plants are not just "look alikes" of other plants already on the market. I also love to work with dormant plants. It has been my goal to have the majority of my introductions to exhibit dormancy and I am getting very close to that goal.

I do enjoy garden visitors and welcome those who have been Covid vaccinated and boosted to visit the garden in person.  I am open on weekends only.  Please call or text in advance so that I can ensure that I am home to greet you.  I have a working hybridizer's garden, not really a display garden.  As such, visitors should expect some uneven paths, maybe areas of mud, and paths that are not always uniform.  Good garden shoes should be worn and areas of the garden are not wheelchair or walker accessible.  Also, please don't expect the daylily beds to be weed free.  😀  I love nature and so you will find rabbits, bees, bugs, lizards, frogs, toads, and lots of birds in the garden.  I also have 4 wonderful pups who provide little other than love and loyalty as well as koi, goldfish, and shubunkins.  In addition, I have around 350 named Hosta along with my selected seedlings from several years of hybridizing.  Because the vole population has exploded in recent years, all Hosta are in pots.  

**All names are pending until approved by the AHS registrar.

The 2022 lineup...

I Believe In Unicorns (Art in Motion x Waves of Joy)  $100 SF

TET, 28" scape, 6" blooms, 3-5 way branching, 18-25 buds, DOR, RE, fertile both ways however pods take persistence

This was a surprise dormant coming out of two southern daylilies.  Waves of Joy did not perform well for me due to its extremely evergreen nature.  It was continually knocked back with our freeze-thaw cycles all winter long and just dwindled down to nothing.  In contrast, this dormant kid does extremely well and has proven to be a beautiful and hardy plant.  It has nice sturdy scapes and lovely foliage.  Most scapes on established plants have 5 branches.  Photos can't capture the beauty of this cream pink flower with red eye.  The green from the throat radiates out into the eye especially on the sepals.  Could be a valuable plant for those who are exploring patterned red eyes.  Very Limited!

Crumpalumptious (Kaleidoscope Treasure x Unconditional Acceptance) x (Super Fancy Face x Kaleidoscopic Intrigue) $100 SF

DIP, 26" scape, 6-7" blooms, 4-5 way branching, 20-25 buds, DOR, RE, fertile both ways

I finally have enough stock to release this amazing parent.  It is the sibling to last year's LET LOVE GROW and parent to last year's introductions CHAPSTICK BLONDE and FOREVER IN FLIGHT.  It is also in the background of many futures.   While the edge isn't as large as the edge on LET LOVE GROW and doesn't quite go completely around the petal edge, it is a double replica of the eyezone.  The flower itself is a beautiful clear cream and the eyezone is patterned in shades of purple.  Very Limited!

Make Magic Happen ((Starman's Quest x Rose F Kennedy) x (Super Fancy Face x Kaleidoscopic Intrigue)) x Live Long and Prosper $100 SF

DIP, 36" scape, 6" bloom, 4-5 way branching 20-24 buds, DOR, RE, easily fertile both ways

Imagine my astonishment when this applique showed up.  Where was the applique genes in the cross?  I can only surmise that it came from Unconditional Acceptance which is one of the parents of Live Long and Prosper.  Almost 20 years ago, I was breeding with Malachite Prism which I know is in the background of Unconditional Acceptance.  Regardless of where it came from, I am glad it appeared because it has been a great parent.  Big, beautiful  blooms will greet you for most of the growing season.  BREEDER'S TIP:  If you have Killer Clowns From Outer Space, cross the two together and make magic happen.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Very Limited!

Love That Binds (Live Long and Prosper x Feng Zhu)  $100 SF 

DIP, 30" scapes, 6" blooms, 3-4 way branching, 18-24 buds, SEv, RE, fertile both ways

For those who have followed some of the Facebook diploid pages, this is a sibling to both 15-15 and 15-22.  This cross gave me some fantastic flowers.   This one has a buttercream base with a beautiful eye which can manifest in different patterns.  Most of these photos were taken in the hottest part of August when the eye is more broken.  The first photo shows the eye in the cooler part of the beginning of bloom season.  Very Limited!

Ripples of Hope (Live Long and Prosper x Feng Zhu)  $100 SF

DIP, 37" scape, 7" bloom, 3 way branching, 18 buds, SEv, RE, fertile both ways

This is a full sibling to Love That Binds.  It is bigger and has a taller scape.  The base color is bright yellow/gold.  Will not be missed in the garden due to its size.  Very Limited!

For those who want them all, as long as stock allows, I will offer all 5 for a discounted price of $450 with free shipping.

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